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Called Co. is the premier hub for women in ministry and the marketplace. 

We are dedicated to:

• Helping entry level entrepreneurs transition from a great idea in a notebook to a revenue generating business, product or service.

• Helping speakers maximize their message and impact on social media to become a respected and sought after voice.

• Helping creatives get clear and establish concise strategy.

• Helping ministry leaders shift their mindset, identify what they’re called to do and who they’re called to impact.

• Helping you break down barriers that keep you stuck, fearful, unsure and broke. 

Whether you like self-paced courses, one on one strategy sessions or group coaching, we can help you. Called Co. is dedicated to taking you from start to shift with measurable results in the least amount of time. People need what you’ve been afraid to launch.

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 After many years of burying her gifts and talents, Ty Jackson set out on a mission to discover her Christ-centered identity and purpose in The Kingdom. She is considered “The Breakthrough Catalyst” because her her desire is to free those bound by the strongholds of fear and catapult them into their God-given identity. Laced with passion and endowed with grace, Ty is committed to helping other women eliminate their own self-imposed limitations and live out their maximum potential. She believes that no matter the circumstances, with the right tools, every woman can rise, disrupt the status quo, and win on her own level!

With degrees in chemical dependency counseling, criminal justice, and philosophical studies, Ty’s combination of educational background, corporate experience, and ministerial training allows her to use her story of personal triumph to provide a transformational teaching style that delivers relatable content and measurable results.

A certified Christian Life Coach and serial entrepreneur, Ty has been honored with the “Pillar of Strength” Award from The National Women of Achievement Incorporated and recently featured in the online publication Voyage Houston.

Ty spends her time traveling and using her no-nonsense approach to teach others how to apply the necessary principles to practical business concepts and help them maximize profitability.

Whether you have been provoked to a higher standard of living by one of her viral social media posts, shifted mentally by her coaching methods or elevated by the presence of God at one of her events, it is without doubt that Ty’s audacious nature will prompt you to take action and blaze a new trail!