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She was a force at our latest conference and there was not a soul who was not impacted by her powerful and soul piercing message.

Winter H

Visionary | Entrepreneur

Ty got up to speak and I honestly think that she was the first woman that I have ever seen speak with such grace and carry so much power. My view of women in ministry changed immediately.

Sharmonique J.


Before beginning my coaching sessions with Ty I was unsure of my purpose and lost.  After working closely with her my calling is clear and I birthed my business and my movement against gang violence successfully.

Melissa H

Gang Violence Advocate

Ty your program was very, very powerful. When I came to you, I was torn and broken on the inside. I was a wreck. When I look back, I’ve come such a long way. You helped me build my confidence, find my purpose and launch my marriage ministry. You helped me create a strategy and a plan that transformed all areas of my life.

Rhonda H

Ministry Leader

Prophet Ty Jackson is an extraordinary force to be reckoned with in our time! She has a powerful prayer mantle that exudes into deliverance! She is truly the breakthrough catalyst!

Apostle Kenya G.

The Visionary Coach